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As a company with an outstanding track record in this debt collection, we give you the benefits of:

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Resolve your financial problems quickly.
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Forget about spending hours on end chasing after debtors; we can instantly facilitate the sale of any debt.
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Improve businesses cash flow. Debts are purchased at highly competitive rates, allowing access to ready cash.
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Eliminate the discomfort of the debt collection process.
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We can save you time and hassle utilising valuable person-hours chasing debts.
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No risk of incurring legal/court fees without the assurance of success. You save time and money having to go through all this as the buyer will use their in-house legal team.
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We Buy Any Debt
The smart way to take control of your businesses bad debt

Say goodbye to old debts & hello to

The Debt Collection Agency

Managing debtors who have gone beyond their days beyond terms can be costly, time-consuming and frustrating. As a nationally recognised and respected debt purchaser broker, we provide a simple and easy solution to help increase your business cash flow. We Buy Any Debt is a guaranteed solution that offers instant cash for overdue invoices or delinquent accounts.

Our syndicate debt purchasers comprise several experienced debt valuers who can offer to buy your debt within 24 hours after carrying out their due diligence. The rights to the debt and the risk “assignment” pass to the purchaser after payment, which means you get some money back straight away! The value of the debt is dependant on several key factors; the amount, age and viability of the debtor. We can consider any unregulated debts (obligations not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act) under six years old.



You have an outstanding debt that you want to be paid off. This can be through unpaid business invoices through obligations relating to contract agreements, and so much more. Wherever the debt comes from, it’s still money that your business is owed that hasn’t yet been paid. Rather than dealing with debt collection agencies yourself, selling your debt means that the debt no longer becomes your problem and is a popular business solution. You’ll have the money in your account, and the onus on debt collection now falls to the purchaser.
We Buy Any Debt
The smart way to take control of your businesses bad debt

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We can consider

Any unregulated debts

Selling a bad debt means businesses can strengthen their cash flow instantly!
Less time and money spent chasing payment from uncooperative and unresponsive debtors!
Better credit control efficiency!
A straightforward way to access money for bad debts quickly!

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Sell your debt quickly to our panel of debt purchasers

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Get your debt sold quickly to one of our experienced debt purchasers

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Quickly close this chapter and sell your debt to one of our debt buyers today.
The smart way to take control of your businesses bad debt